Create your ideal workstation starting with this kit. This system includes all the necessary components and hardware to construct a single station. Appropriate for all applications. Frame height is 64" tall unless otherwise specified.

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3D Workstation Configurator


The RTW Table is rugged, stable and ergonomic. The height adjustability range of the work table allows comfort for almost any worker and proves functional for a variety of tasks. 30x60 and 30x72 RTW Tables ship in four (4) days through our ZIPship service.

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3D Workstation Configurator


Use this workstation to improve ergonomics. Effortless height 30-42" adjustment with a push button travels the full range within 20 seconds. Store up to four height settings with a 400 lb weight capacity.

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3D Workstation Configurator


Maintain your clean room requirements with our portable clean hood. The free-standing hood allows you to create a portable filtered air workspace. The clean hood rolls behind your workstation and encloses the area with vinyl curtains. The top frame of the clean hood has a cutout to accommodate overhead fan or filter units.

How To Decide?

1. What is your application?

2. What are your requirements: Weight, Capacity, Size, Material, Function?

3. What is your facility / department layout?

4. If you need amterial conveyance, what is the size and weight of the material?

5. Does the unit need to be mobile?

6. Do you require height adjustability?